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Call Greeb Excavating and Septic Specialists for your maintenance contract information. This will add life to your system!

DO minimize the use of powder detergents. (Note: it is also a good idea to install a lint screen in your washer discharge line.)

DO consider staggering your weekly laundryloads over several days during the week to minimize excessive water entering the septic.

DO have an effluent filter installed in your septic tank to prevent solids from entering the septic field and plugging it up.

DO have two septic tanks installed to help maximize the life of your system.

CALL US When you receive your septic pumping/inspection form from the county, call us at Greeb Excavating & Septic to schedule a system inspection which will determine if pumping is necessary.

DON’T use a garbage disposal!

DON’T pour fat, grease or oil down the drain.

DON’T flush anything down the drain that isn’t biodegradable (i.e. disposable diapers, condoms, wet wipes, paper towels, tampons/sanitary napkins, etc.)

DON’T have your water softener regeneration discharge to the septic system!

Dos and Dont's of Septic Systems