Greeb Excavating and Septic Specialists Wisconsin


Greeb Excavating and Septic Specialists Wisconsin



Complete Excavating, Grading, Trenching

Greeb Excavating offers a full range of excavating services from small scale dirt moving to large scale excavations. We have decades of excavating experience and the right equipment to handle your excavating needs. We can work in tight spaces to protect other buildings and surrounding landscape, plus we wash our excavating equipment regularly to prevent spreading of weeds. Our equipment operators bring decades of experience and excellent skills.

Our excavating services are offered throughout Dodge, Jefferson, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha Counties in Wisconsin. Below is a list of excavation services we offer:

Residential Excavating
New Home Grading
Rough and Finished Grading
Close-Confined Excavating Areas
Driveway Builds
Horse Arenas
Directional Boring
Sewer Laterals
Basement Excavating

Expert Excavating Services

Rough and Finished Grading

When building on a lot or land, setting the proper grade and drainage is vital to prevent water damage to future buildings and landscape. Proper rough grading is essential to ensuring the best results for the future of your home. When rough grades are not done correctly it can cause serious drainage problems to occur and costly repairs later, so make sure to hire the experts at Greeb Excavating to do the job right. When finishing the property, the finish grade is also essential for proper drainage and landscaping. Our excavating equipment will remove the extra rock and debris creating a smooth finish for adding landscaping, sod, grass seed, trees and other landscape features.

Trenching Services

Greeb Excavating offers trenching services for installation of septic systems, utility lines, water lines and other trenching needs.

Directional Boring

We have the ability to provide directional boring with our equipment including waterways, roadways, congested areas, new building land and with minimum impact on the surrounding areas.